Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It was the month of may 2013. I was doing my intern at a reputed firm at Bengaluru. The manager of my retail store was a very nice man, with a very intellectual mind and practical approach to life. There was another intern in the retail who was really hot. But sorry to say she's got no role in the week of hell nor did she become my girlfriend.

I had written my exams at a premier B school in India and for the first time in my life, I was expecting good marks simply because I had worked hard and I personally thought the exams went well. The results were out. Not only did I manage to fail in 5 out of 8 subjects in the third trimester but I managed to fail in both the papers of second trimester as well. Let me take u back to my academics background for a while. I had never failed in my life, be it in 10th, 12th or engineering under the toughest university, I managed to pass myself somehow. But here in MBA, not only did i fail, but I managed to fail in 7 subjects.

Any student who would have flunked in 7 subjects would have shit in his pants, I was no different. I chose not to tell my family members who though are very supportive, but I would have to face the music of flunking in 7 subjects. Now time to apply for revaluation was within 3 days and I applied for revaluation in all the 7 subjects. Each revaluation for a subject is 1000 bucks, i.e, Rs. 7000 in total was what I was supposed to shell out. The revaluation results came, guess what, I managed to pass in only one subject. My heart was broken back then, it broke again. And the dates for supplementary dates were out, June 5th to June 11th. The icing on cake, my birthday is on 10th june.

I left Bengaluru on 3rd night, arriving on 4th morning. I had my troubles during that journey, but I wont tell it now, maybe later. So I reach my hostel early morning at 4am, and the security guard asks me to come in the morning as no one's available to speak (Thats because our junior batch interviews were happening during that period and all the students used to come to enquire regarding the course offered and hows the hostel environment etc. ) I had to convince the security guard that I am a student and he let me in then.

Next day morning I met the guys who had come to give their exams along with me, but I was the worst one with 6 backs. Most of them had 1 and max of 4. The worst being they sympathizing me for managing to flunk in 6 subjects. I dint wanna spend a single minute with any of them. I had a tough subject to write the next day and I got back to read for it.

June 9th after 4 subjects, everyone who had come to write their respective exams had left that place. It was all me in the hostel with all the creepy creatures creeping out of the holes. It looked as if all of them were heading towards me. And it just doesn't ends there, as there wasn't anyone in the hostel, even a door crackling sound could scare he shit out of you. This place has been in existence for the last 30 odd years with the building's being built at that time. All you have to do is punch the wall and you have a hole in the wall. So when the wind blows, all the doors and windows crack scaring the shit out of you. So I decided not to sit and study I might as well sleep early and plan to be up early the next morning. The next day was my birthday. The worst being I was all alone on my birthday and interacted only with three people physically. It was such a sad birthday.

June 11th came and I was wanting to get out of the place since I was done with the exams. To my despair, the buses to my place were all full, what a hardluck!! Some how managed to get a transportation to my place.

A week later I got my results and I had managed to clear all my papers, all of 'em. But I kept wondering, that the answers that I wrote in the first place how were it different from the ones that I wrote now. Was ecstatic not just for myself but also to those who thought I was a dud in terms of studies. Sometimes you got to learn the hard way.